Beautiful Belize

Belize is a country that has so much to offer eager travelers. It has crystal clear waters, great snorkeling/scuba, dense green jungle where some of the loudest howler monkeys live, and beautiful beaches. Then there are the ancient Mayan ruins with so many stories to be told. If you are looking for a little adventure along with some fascinating history, Belize is the place to go.




Some things to consider before you go; make sure you are prepared to be in rainy weather. If you plan on visiting in the summer months, May-August, bring a rain jacket and/or any clothing that dries quickly. This will help you stay comfortable while doing your activities. Also, you are going to want to bring bug spray, it will come in handy when walking around the ruins and in the jungle.  One other thing to prepare for is the sun. Being in Belize, the UV index is higher than what we are used to in the states, so do not forget your sunscreen!



With all that Belize has to offer, I can offer some key places to visit. The first would have to be Cahal Pech. It is a Mayan site near the town of San Ignacio. This site is filled with surviving Mayan structures dating back to around 500BC, making them some of the oldest ruins in Western Belize, talk about history! If you want to visit more Mayan ruins, the Lamanai ruins are good ones to visit as well. My second suggestion would be to visit Ambergris Caye. This is one of Belize’s biggest islands, were you can enjoy many different types of water sports, snorkeling included. Snorkeling off the island is incredible. There are so many different types of sea creatures you come in contact with; sea turtles, stingrays, all kinds of fish, even sharks!

The water is so clear it makes the snorkeling experience 10xs better; you won’t want to leave the water until your fingers look like prunes. My last suggestion would be to find a tour that takes you into the jungle of Belize. Here you can see and hear howler monkeys. I promise you it will be unlike any other sound you have ever heard; it is thrilling. If you are feeling adventurous, you can also zip line your way through the forest; there is no better way to see it all!
Make Belize a destination on your go-to list, you will not be disappointed!


Rachel Spangler